Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Spring birding

Here are some of the highlights from the past three weeks, including FOS (first-of-season) observations:

Red-winged Blackbird- March 2nd (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Great Blue Heron- March 4th (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Wood Duck- March 7th (RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuary, Catskill) FOS

Marsh Wren- March 9th (Vischer Ferry NHP) overwintered !

Common Grackle- March 9th (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Ruffed Grouse- March 10th (East of Ferry Dr., Rexford)

Northern Pintail- March 15th (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Green-winged Teal- March 16th (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Killdeer- March 17th (The Crossing, Halfmoon) FOS

Northern Mockingbird- March 18th (Albany Pine Bush- Discovery Center parking lot)

Tree Swallow- March 19th (Hudson-Mohawk bike path, Niskayuna) FOS

Lesser Scaup- March 19th (Hudson-Mohawk bike path, Niskayuna) FOS

Field Sparrow- March 20th (Five Rivers EEC) FOS

Eastern Phoebe- March 20th (Five Rivers EEC) FOS

Rusty Blackbird- March 22nd (Vischer Ferry NHP) FOS

Fox Sparrow- March 23rd (Ann Lee Pond, Albany) FOS

The next influx of returning migrants should be just after April 1st, with a warm spell possible throughout the week. Get out there and get your eyes and ears sharp again; peak migration starts a month from now!

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